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Hot Chocolate Drinks & More

Chocolate Drinks
For those who are addicted to chocolate, the «chocoholics»,

we offer you Traditional Gourmet Chocolate Drink
contains a premium aromatic cocoa powder.
You will actually feel the chocolate melting
in your mouth while drinking that cup.

The product can be made hot with steamed milk,
or as a cold chocolate drink, by just melting it with
a little bit of hot water and some cold milk or Cream on top.

Try our delicious flavors :


     choco Nut 


     French Vaniila moca

     Vanilla White chocolate


     Toffee Caramel


Thick Italian Chocolate Drink

contains high percentage of the finest cocoa powder
you will ever taste.
Served in a small portion cup,and its texture is like a hot,
melting puddingon your lips.



Chai Latte
Feel the oriental taste, An exotic mix of herbs with an oriental
It contains exotic fresh Eastern spices,vanila,
cinnamon, ginger andhoney.
The perfect combination of excellent taste
and an alternative for those who don’t drink coffee.






Oriental Sahlab

There is nothing like a hot, Creamy beverage on a cold winter day.
Its unique aroma and taste will make you crave for the next cup.


Apple Cider
Take a sip of cider and close your eyes...
This apple cider flavor taste will warm you from the inside.
Can be mixed with alcohol to make impressive cider cocktails.

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