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3D Food Printing System Procusini 3.0 is an universal

Plug & Play Printing solution for the creative and persona

l creation of food in professional kitchen, catering and

event-gastronomy, as well as bakery and confectionary.





Bakery & Confectionery

The 3D Food Printing System Procusini 3.0 allows you as

baker or confectioner to individually and creatively design

food items. Thus, you may individualize your cakes with

text messages, logos and 3D objects in a new way.

Even a 3D scanned and marzipan-modelled

original bridal couple is possible – let your creativity go wild.




Catering & Gastronomy

To you, as professional in catering and event gastronomy,

the 3D food printer Procusini 3.0 opens up exciting

opportunities to individually and creatively shape food items.

The greeting from the kitchen, the side dishes for the main

course and the fine dessert – With text messages,

logos and 3D objects, the professional can enrich whole

menus on events in a completely new way or can set

nice accents when decorating the buffet.

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